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Feed Your Crepe Cravings at Restaurants Near Me

Are you searching for a breakfast or lunch with a twist? Discover the best fusion of traditional Canadian fare twisted with European flavors at Amsterdam Restaurant. As one of the most popular morning restaurants near me, your taste buds will never be disappointed as you slice into a big breakfast loaded with eggs, sockeye salmon, Montreal meat, or double-smoked bacon. Of course, your day will never be complete without sampling our signature Pannenkoek or dutch crepes filled with fun and fresh ingredients.

Belgian Waffles, Fresh Fruit, and the Best Meats

What do you love on your Belgian Waffles? Of course you can order up a huge plate of these classic waffles smothered in fresh strawberries and cream. But what if you really would like something savory in the morning? Check out our plate that begins with a Belgian Waffle and then we go nuts by adding sausage, ham, bacon, and a pair of your favorite eggs. Cinnamon, sugar, pecans...if you crave it, we got it.

Two Eggs and All the Extras to Kick Off Your Morning

Not everyone in your crew will want to sample a waffle. That's okay. Our extensive morning menu offers options for the whole family including small plates of our tastiest treats sized right for the little ones. Order up a Benny, omelet, french toast, or a plate of scrumptious poffertjes, small fluffy pancakes of yumminess. Load up one of our 12-inch Pannenkoek with sweet or savory options like Gouda cheese, mushrooms, Granny Smith apples, and more.

Whether you are eating in or carrying out your morning meal, Amsterdam Restaurant is here to kick off your day with a smile. Eggs and bacon and rye bread toast or hash browns. Fill up your plate and your belly with a breakfast that will keep you running all day long.

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