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Lunch Kamloops

Call Us for Fast Take Out in Kamloops

Are you on the run and need something satisfying for a quick bite? Come to Amsterdam Restaurant for a delicious lunch in Kamloops. While our breakfast menu is always on tap, come mid-day we fire up the grille to turn out some of your timeless favorites and savory European options. Snare a particularly gooey grilled cheese, a most excellent burger, or expand your horizons and sample our soups including Split Pea and Smoke Sausage.

International Lunch Options in Kamloops

You may have sampled our Pannenkoek at breakfast. Shake things up and experience this Dutch crepe topped with savory bites including bacon, ham, Gouda, and mushrooms. Sink your teeth into our Kroketten, rolls of braised beef and vegetable stew. Spice up your lunch when you sample our Moroccan Chicken salad. No matter which one you choose, you will experience all the best tastes of our European heritage.

Reubens, Shawarma, Krokettes and More

How long has it been since you have sampled a true German Reuben? Savor the very best Montreal meat, Gruyere cheese, sauerkraut, and our mustard aioli on our marbled rye. Head back to the roots of today's chicken wraps when you bite into our Moroccan Chicken Shawarma wraps. Are you vegan, vegetarian, or eat gluten-free? We also have unique twists on all our favorites designed just for your needs.

Take Out in Kamloops has never been easier or more fun. Pick up your lunch in Kamloops on the way into the office or come visit Amsterdam Restaurant during your break. We also offer smaller versions of our sandwiches, burgers, and wraps sized right for your kids.

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