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Crepes Restaurant

A Fun Twist on Traditional Food Near Me for Breakfast and Lunch

You want two eggs and ham, but you would really like something a bit different, too, for your breakfast, lunch, or brunch. Amsterdam Restaurant combines our European heritage with all your favorites for unique food near me ready to wow your palate. Besides all the usuals, we are also a crepes restaurant that specializes in Dutch crepes known as Pannenkoek. What goes with this thin pancake? Just about anything you can dream up.

Pile On the Fruit or Meat and Cheese at Our Crepes Restaurant

Sample all our freshest ingredients when you order up a 12-inch Pannenkoek. We will cover the entire plate with a traditional breakfast of eggs, ham, and hash browns or go fruity! Strawberries, apples, pecans, caramel, cinnamon and sugar are only some of the flavors found on our menu. Do you want something beefier than a thin crepe? Scroll down the menu and find French toast, Belgian Waffles, and toast offered in wheat, rye, sourdough or gluten-free.

Fill Up on Belgian Waffles, Omelettes, and Pannenkoek

How do you like your eggs? Sunny side up, scrambled, or in an omelet? Our Eggs Benedict are offered with even more twists and include savory treats such as avocado, sockeye salmon, or Montreal meat. We even breathed new life into the usual Hollandaise sauce topping by adding some sweet Dutch curry ketchup on the side. When you want to be pleasantly surprised by your breakfast plate, make it happen at Amsterdam Restaurant.

Our menu extends beyond breakfast. If it's lunch time, find some food near me in our cosy restaurant. Grab one of our popular Amsterdam burgers, a classic Reuben sandwich, or a Moroccan Shawarma Chicken Wrap to mix it up on your break.

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