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Breakfast Near Me

Enjoy a Local Tasty Gluten Free Breakfast

There is no need to sacrifice eating quality and nutritious cuisine when you live on a gluten-free diet. At Amsterdam Restaurant, we strive to provide as many options as possible with a huge variety of gluten free breakfast dishes. We still use all the same fresh meats, cheeses, eggs, and hash browns offered with our traditional plates, but utilize a vegan and gluten-free batter for our crepes. Find a breakfast skillet, omelet, or an indulgent pannenkoek that will not only satisfy, it will thrill your taste buds.

Get Out of the House to Pick Up Breakfast Near Me

Are the kids clamoring for a change of pace for a weekend treat? Find a delicious breakfast near me at Amsterdam Restaurant. Call ahead to order a pick up or carry out order, or come in and sit down for a morning treat. We feature the whole rainbow of favorite local dishes from omelettes crammed with ham or bacon or spinach. French toast, Belgian waffles, and pannenkoek crepes help to stretch your options. We also have smaller versions of our most popular tastes to satisfy your kids, too.

Classic Dishes Available with GF and Vegetarian Options

We know that more of our neighbors are living a vegan, vegetarian, and GF lifestyle. Invite all your friends to join you for a satisfying breakfast near me. Tuck into a Veggie Delight or Peaches & cream Pannenkoek. Slice into thick and rich Belgian Waffles topped with strawberries, butter pecan, or even eggs and bacon. Ask us about our Fisherman Omelet where sockeye salmon is the star of the show highlighted by goat cheese and avocado.

Located in your Kamloops neighborhood, prepare for a busy day around town or a weekend day full of fun when you begin with a hearty breakfast. At Amsterdam Restaurant, we always use the freshest ingredients so you can savor every bite.

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